Sacrificing your skincare during the cost of living crisis? This under-£15 range by beauty pro Sali Hughes might just be your answer

Affordable and effective.
Sali Hughes' Revolution Beauty Skincare Range Everything You Need To Know

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Testing my products was challenging. My formulator, Laura, lives over 200 miles away and most of my product development was done with her during lockdown and other restrictions. The very first samples contained all the ingredients I’d asked for, but were so completely not what I imagined that I literally cried in frustration. I have a video of me excitedly opening the box, slathering everything on, then shouting “Aaaargh, this is sh*t!”. But now I know that the first versions aren’t meant to be right - they’re just a jumping off point that, with your formulator, you tune and fine tune for months and months until they become perfect. When you learn that, the whole process becomes a joy. Each little glass sample pot (I’ve well over 600 of them in the house) marked a step closer to my vision, and I’ve learned a huge amount with every one. The most important lesson was undoubtedly to trust my gut. When you’re asking for people to part with hard earned cash, you should demand the best on their behalf.

You should also give them bang for their buck. At every step, I pushed the envelope on price. I could never find an affordable liquid exfoliant containing all my favourite glow-giving acids, so I was hellbent on making one, and I did - it’s called Placid. Silicone-free moisturisers are usually expensive, but for me, an affordable one was a non-negotiable, so we made Gel Quench (for oily/combination) and Cream Drench (for balanced/dry). We really struggled to get all the cleansing balm ingredients I wanted in on budget, but I was adamant that it shouldn’t cost more than £15, so I just kept rejecting it until the money women said yes, and we ended up with Butterclean.

If people have extra money to spend, then great - they can use my products with their favourite luxury skincare. I’m a high/low beauty fan myself. I’ve often layered an Estée Lauder moisturiser over a Superdrug serum, and think that’s half the fun. You certainly don’t have to be monogamous to Sali Hughes products. If you want to embellish your routine with luxury favourites or cult finds, go for it. I can’t stand brands claiming you must use only their stuff for it all to work properly. It’s simply a sign of rubbish products that can’t stand on their own two feet. As long as before you start playing, you nail down the basics - they’re the building blocks to your beauty routine. Just like in their wardrobes, everyone needs a great white T shirt and a pair of blue jeans, every skin routine needs vitamin C, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid. That’s why all three are in my Must-C daily serum.

Your money should be able to buy you a complete formula - something you can apply quickly twice a day and know you’re getting what you need, minus the guesswork. Otherwise it feels to me like ordering a meal in a great restaurant and having the waiter dump a load of fruit, veg and fish in your lap and telling you to cook it. With my range, I wanted to cook it for you. So you can know your skin is happy, then get on with your life.

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Ringlight Creamy Illuminating Eye Balm
“When I launched Sali Hughes X Revolution, loads of you asked for an eye cream – so the challenge I set myself was to make one I'd actually want to use instead of my regular skincare. Ringlight is a creamy, cushiony, fragrance-free balm with moisturising shea butter, hyaluronic acid, glycerin and caffeine… as well as tiny golden particles to subtly brighten dark circles. Ringlight can be applied as part of your twice-daily skincare routine, as well as over makeup during the daytime to refresh concealer, perk up tired skin and rehydrate dry under-eyes.”
Better In 5 Express Exfoliating Mask
“A skin-smoothing, exfoliating gel mask with an elegant blend of gentle, high quality acids. It’s perfect for when your skin is dull, grey, tired or generally lacklustre – and is suitable for all skin types. Better in Five can be used day or night, once or twice a week, or whenever skin looks dull. Simply apply a thin layer over cleansed, dry skin and leave for up to five minutes. Wipe off with a warm, wet flannel and follow with serum, moisturiser and sun protection."
Clean Sheet Morning Cleanser
“There’s no need for heavy balms in the morning (I trust you haven’t slept in your makeup!), so I wanted this to be light, refreshing and quick to use. Apply to dry skin, add some water, then wipe away. Or if you’re time poor, just take it into the shower. Hyaluronic acid and glycerin will leave your skin hydrated, pineapple enzymes will perk up any signs of tiredness, while oat amino acids and probiotics will keep your skin soothed and cheerful throughout.”
Placid 5-Acid Daily Liquid Exfoliant
“Affordable exfoliants tend to focus on one acid only. I wanted five: Lactic, malic, tranexamic, salicylic and glycolic, to give maximum smoothness and glow, plus non-exfoliating hyaluronic acid for hydration. This should cost the earth, but it’s £14! Soak a cotton pad and sweep over cleansed face 3-4 times a week.”
Must-C Anytime Vitamin C Serum
“I live and die for vitamin C - my skin cannot live without its glow-giving, antioxidant properties, but here, I wanted much more. I’ve added to a hefty 15% concentration of vitamin C derivative the universally beneficial niacinamide, hydrating staple hyaluronic acid and antioxidant ferric acid. All ingredients work perfectly together, taking out any guesswork over layering. Use night, day or both.”
Cream Drench Anytime Moisturiser
“I have always struggled to find an affordable day and night cream that feels luxurious without any makeup-bobbling silicone, and that feels moist enough for dry skin without feeling like something greasy you’d find in the pharmaceutic aisle. So I made one. This is my dream moisturiser - I’m obsessed with it.”
Butterclean Cleansing Balm
“I love a cleansing balm, so I went to town on this one. Safflower seed, Jojoba, Shea Butter, Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin, Squalane and Vitamin E all melt together to lift makeup, sunscreen and dirt. Apply dry, then add a little warm water to turn the balm into milk, then sweep off effortlessly with a flannel. No gunky film, just clean, soft skin. Oh, and it smells just like a luxury spa.”

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