Everything Now is a must-watch for Sex Education and Heartstopper fans, and the trailer just dropped

The show, which is out next month, will focus on “mental health issues faced by British teenagers”.
Everything Now Is The New Netflix Show Fans Of Sex Education  Heartstopper Will Love

Everything Now is the new series you must make room for on your already overflowing calendar of things to watch, especially if you loved the cheeky high-school angst of Sex Education and Heartstopper. And we finally have a trailer and a release date.

Soon to hit streaming service Netflix, the eight-part comedy-drama series – which was previously entitled The F***-It Bucket – centres on London teenager Mia Polanco, who returns home after recovering from an eating disorder and is thrust back into the chaotic world of sixth-form life where she frustratingly finds that her best friends have moved on without her.

Undeterred, Mia makes it her mission to go through her ever-evolving bucket list of things to do alongside her three best mates and brand new crush. She throws herself a list of firsts, with each episode focusing on a different subject matter as she experiences matters from the world of parties and first kisses. Along the way, Mia discovered she cannot plan everything in life her way.

The official synopsis via Left Bank Pictures reads: "When Mia Polanco (a 17-year-old London girl with more wits than is good for her) is released from hospital after a lengthy battle with anorexia, she is thrust back into the fizzingly chaotic world of sixth form. Only to find that her friends have been spending her recovery time acquiring knowledge and experiences she herself has never known. Suddenly confronted with the realisation that her childhood is racing by without her, Mia decides the only way to catch up is to make a bucket list."

The show's creator Ripley Parker has also revealed the show focuses "on mental health issues faced by many British teenagers, particularly those surrounding food and body image." We also know it's been directed by Alyssa McClelland, Charlie Manton, Dionne Edwards and Laura Steinel.

Nonetheless, the show is also set to raise the profile of up-and-coming performers, with Australian actress Sophie Wilde taking on the lead role of Mia. Sophie was named a 2020 rising star by the Casting Guild of Australia and went on to star in the BBC series You Don't Know Me in 2021 and ITV period drama Tom Jones.

She made her feature film debut in the horror Talk to Me, which screened at the 2022 Adelaide Film Festival and the 2023 Sundance Film Festival. Seriously impressive.

Others in the cast include Boiling Point actress Lauryn Ajufo, who takes on the role of Mia's friend, while The Witcher actress Niamh McCormack also plays another of her pals. Mia's mother is played by The Sandman actress Vivienne Acheampong, Alex Hassell takes on Mia's dad Rick and the role of her brother Alex is played by Sam Reuben.

Needless to say, Everything Now is a series we are waiting on tenterhooks to watch. Here's all the release info you need, including what we know from the trailer and when it will drop on Netflix.

What do we know from the Everything Now trailer?

Well, we immediately get an iconic line that we can all relate to from the dramatic and confusing times of teenagehood (and adulthood, TBH): “Mirror, mirror, on the wall,” she says. “Please give me a f**king break.”

It looks like Stephen Fry is playing Mia's doctor, guiding her through her adjustment back into school and fitting back in with her friends – which looks pretty bumpy, as she must juggle her recovery with the rollercoaster that is being a teenager.

Prepare for parties, angst and teen drama – a perfect combo.

When is the release date for Everything Now?

It will be dropping on Netflix on 5 October. Not long to wait.