This hotel is a great contender for your late-summer Greek island getaway

Casually wander barefoot, cocktail in hand, while the resident DJ provides the beats - it's a vibe
If you're looking for a greek island retreat this hotel in Rhodes should be a top contender

OK, so, we’re just gonna come straight out with it and address the elephant in the room - wildfires. Mother nature may have cast a fiery shadow over Rhodes in July this year, but this island jewel still stands strong, beckoning travellers with open arms. Rhodes is very much still a beautifully idyllic island, with azure waters, ancient history and irresistible Mediterranean charm waiting for you. While some resorts may have been affected, Kolymbia isn’t one of them. Nestled between the rocky mountains and Aegean Sea, you’ll find the wonderful, brand new, adult-only hotel, Cook’s Club Kolymbia.

Cook's Club Kolymbia ppened in May this year, making it the fifth Cook’s Club hotel in Greek islands and the third on the island of Rhodes. Kolymbia is a laid-back and picturesque little village on the North East coast of the island. On one side, it has a long sandy beach lined with some of the best hotels on in Rhodes and striking, rocky mountains on the other. This is what makes Cook’s Club Kolymbia so special, the hotel is designed specifically to showcase the beautiful surroundings, taking inspiration from the textures and materials by bringing it to life with modern colours in the interior design.

Cook’s Club Kolymbia almost feels like its own little village. The site has seven different buildings with 271 newly refurbished rooms, three trendy bars, three delicious restaurants, a spa and two aesthetically pleasing outdoor pools. The aesthetics of this hotel were just to my taste, it has an abundance of moody textures like grey stone and rustic woods, paired with tropical greenery and expensive linens in white and chocolate. The hotel definitely has a rustic, minimalist vibe, maybe a little Japanese inspiration too. The suites barely have any storage as it’s all open living design, which I loved, but if you like to get all your belongings packed away in cupboards - you may struggle. There’s also an outdoor gym that has probably the most beautiful looking equipment I’ve ever seen and yes, I did use it. Once.

I love a hotel that ultimately makes you feel a little cooler than you do when you’re at home and Cook’s Club does just that. While you chill by the pool soaking-up the vitamin-D of the Grecian sun, sipping away on locally inspired cocktails to electronic beats that match your mood all day long, no kids splashing around, the atmosphere is top-notch.

The restaurants at the hotel include the cantina, which is Cook’s Club signature restaurant serving-up a buffet style breakfast in the mornings and I’ve got to say, one of the best buffet breakfast I’ve come across. There’s a huge variety of hot breakfast bites, fresh fruits, greek pastries, breads and yoghurts that sets your day up perfectly. In the evening, it has an a la carte menu with a range of dishes from healthy vegan snacks to hearty, wholesome treats and traditional Greek island favourites like moussaka, gyros or souvlaki. There’s an Italian restaurant that serves a selection of pastas, pizzas and salads. My favourite eatery at Cook’s Club was Street Food Asia, whether it was refreshing poolside sushi during the day or a spicy pad thai in the evening, every dish I had at this place was *chef’s kiss*. I’m still dreaming of the deep fried ice cream.

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While the hotel is adults-only, it’s not overly young and buzzy. It’s elegant, cool and offers a feel good social scene, especially in the evenings. The two poolside bars, specifically the one near the main bar was definitely a highlight, with swinging hammocks, sumptuous beanbags and jute rugs spotted everywhere to make you feel super comfy and casual. You can wander around barefoot, favourite cocktail in hand (I recommend the Cook’s Club negroni or the a blackberry flavoured one named ART) while you bop around to some funky disco sets played by a local live DJ.

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in the ancient Greek surroundings of the island, Rhodes city, famous for its medieval walled city and the beautiful traditional Greek town Lindos are both around an hour away. You can take an air-conditioned bus from right outside the hotel for a few euros or make a day of it with a boat trip from the port on the beach at Kolymbia. There’s also a small water sports business just at the beach just 350m away from the hotel if you’re an adrenaline junkie and ocean baby, like me. I’d recommend getting a return boat journey to Lindos from Kolymbia where a local sailor will stop at a few scenic locations en-route where you can jump off the boat into the peaceful turquoise waters of the med.

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Cook’s Club Kolymbia is a fantastic contender for your late Summer island retreat. It’s an all round great stay, location, vibe - I’ll 100% be returning. During the high season, Rhodes can get crowded, especially in Lindos as visitors come from across the world to see the ancient acropolis. One of the best times to avoid the crowds is September/October where temperatures still reach up to 25°C.