15 best pillows for every sleep style and support level

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15 Best Pillows of 2023 According to Testers
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But how regularly will you need to hit the shops? "Pillows should generally be replaced every 1 to 2 years, depending on several factors such as the type of pillow, its quality, and your personal preferences,” answers James Higgins, Sleep Expert & CEO of Ethical Bedding.

What is the best pillow for my sleep position?

It’s really important that you take your preferred sleep position into consideration when picking a pillow, as this will help you determine just how much height and support you’ll need.

According to James, if you’re a side sleeper, then keeping your neck in-line with the rest of your body has to be your pillow’s main objective. “Side sleepers will need firm pillows with loft to maintain spinal alignment, so options like memory foam, latex, or shredded memory foam will work well,” he adds.

“Back sleepers will benefit most from medium to medium-firm pillows that support the neck’s natural curve and spinal alignment,” he explains. “So they will generally be best suited to bamboo, memory foam, latex, or contoured pillows.”

But what about the special few who like to sleep straight on their stomachs? Making up just 7-10% of the UK population, James says that front sleepers should apparently avoid excessive loft at all cost. “Those who sleep on their stomachs require thin, soft pillows to prevent neck strain. Down or low-loft memory foam pillows will likely be best,” he adds.

How we tested:

To pull together this selection of the best pillows you can buy in 2023, we’ve taken into account customer reviews, search data, and the types of materials used for each product.

We've rifled through the good and bad comments, so you don't have to, not to mention we - as a team of fashion, interiors and beauty experts - happen to know a thing or two about which brands have earned their respective places as the best in the business.

Plus, with a team of 30+ here at GLAMOUR HQ, it should come as no surprise that we’ve tried our fair share of pillows — from anti-allergy buys, to luxurious goose down options.

Our aim is to find you pieces which will last and, should anything about a product signal that that's not the case, you'll be the first to know.

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