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25 best gifts for one-year-olds with the GLAMOUR mum seal of approval

We've tried and tested the lot on some very fussy toddlers.
25 Best Gifts For One Year Olds From Parents Who Know Their Stuff

Sharing her advice, Kirsty Douglas, Parenting Expert at Kiddies Kingdom, said: “When children get to 12 months, they’re beginning to develop more social and communication skills. You can help your child reach these exciting milestones by introducing plenty of imaginative and creativity-based toys. Musical toys are brilliant for this as they help children understand cues and practice mimicking sounds.

“At around 12 months, your child will typically be eating weaning snacks such as vegetable sticks alongside meals. Using toys which require sorting, picking up and moving will allow your little one to build out the fine motor skills needed to help them feed themselves independently. For this, toys such as ring towers and stackers are perfect, as they support fine motor development whilst keeping your child engaged and entertained. This type of toy can also be a terrific way to support cognitive thinking.”

How we tested the best gifts for one-year-olds:

Our Website Director, Bianca, is mother to a two-year-old with another baby on the way. After extensive research shopping for her (very active and inquisitive) daughter's first birthday present, as well as those of all her friends' children, she has become quite the expert. She has also tested these toys on her daughter over a year-long period and only included the ones that she felt really went the distance and kept her daughter engaged over a long period of time. She also grilled all her mum friends and parenting experts to get the best recommendations.

We've accounted for all budgets, from purse-friendly book bundles to play kitchens that make for a special treat. Our guide not only includes uniquely educational toys that are ideal for development, but also plenty of meaningful presents that aren’t toys, like personalised baby gifts, practical play mats, and sentimental presents that both baby and parent will treasure forever.

Whether you're shopping for your own child or someone else's, allow us to guide you through the best gifts for one-year-olds…