Ariana Grande's Cloud Pink perfume is finally available in the UK – here's our honest verdict on the scent

Everything you need to know about the launch date, plus our honest verdict on the scent.
Ariana Grande CLOUD PINK review This might just be my new signature scent

This is not a drill: Ariana Grande's latest fragrance is now available to shop in the UK, having just launched earlier this week. Meet CLOUD PINK, a “sister-scent” to the original CLOUD perfume – AKA the scent that broke the internet.

I'm sure that we can all agree that the Ariana Grande CLOUD perfume needs no introduction, especially for us #PerfumeTok obsessives who probably spend way too much time figuring out what our next signature scent will be. And even if you're not into sweet perfumes, chances are, you've come across this addicting scent more than once on your For You Page.

In fact, the fragrance community has practically crowned CLOUD as the perfume of all perfumes, with “#arianagrandecloud” having amassed over 21 million views on TikTok, and deservedly so. Our resident GLAMOUR perfume expert Alice du Parcq recalled that the smell reminds her of “warm, slightly undercooked, doughy waffles. Those proper, ladled-into-a-grill waffles that come out crispy and caramelised outside, but soft and batter-thick inside,” and I couldn't agree more. This cult-favourite perfume is one of my favourite go-to “office day” scents that regularly gets me stopped and quizzed on the street (the ultimate compliment, if you ask me).

Naturally, when I heard that CLOUD PINK was about to make its way to the UK, my excitement was through the roof. A pink version of one of my favourite perfumes ever? Sign me up.

Ariana Grande Cloud Pink Eau De Parfum 100ml

Ariana Grande CLOUD PINK review: at a glance

  • GLAMOUR star rating: 4.5/5
  • Pros/Reasons to buy: affordable, great fruity perfume for day-to-day wear
  • Cons/Reasons to avoid: skip if you're expecting a sizeable difference from the original CLOUD
  • CLOUD PINK release date in the UK: Availanle now at Boots, John Lewis, The Perfume Shop, The Fragrance Shop and Superdrug.
  • Price: £33 for 30ml bottle; £53 for 100ml bottle
  • Our verdict: A beautiful everyday scent with a fruity twist that carries the same DNA of the original CLOUD yet still manages to impress. If you're after a Barbiecore perfume that's warm and sensual yet simultaneously fun and sweet, then this is the one for you.

2023 has been the year of the Barbiecore aesthetic – from fashion to makeup and even interiors trends, it's safe to say that pink is pretty much everywhere (not that we're complaining in any way). The cherry on top? ‘Barbie perfumes’ are taking #PerfumeTok by storm, and not just thanks to their aesthetically pleasing pink packaging, but because of how fun they are and, most importantly, how they make you feel about yourself: confident, proud and unapologetically feminine. And having already smelled CLOUD PINK, that's exactly how I would describe it.

What does Ariana Grande CLOUD PINK smell like?

Make no mistake, CLOUD PINK very much shares the same DNA of the original CLOUD. You still get the warm and cosy whiff of vanilla orchid, a touch of the sweet and almost edible praline – all complimented by a combination of sensual musky and woody notes. After all, the nose behind this scent is Clement Gavarry, the perfumer behind the original CLOUD.

That being said, CLOUD PINK is definitely more on the fruitier side, especially if we're talking about the opening. The top notes of pineapple and berries are quite evident without being too overpowering. As the scent settles, you'll be met with a comforting whiff of vanilla orchid, coconut and praline (same as you would with the original CLOUD). To my surprise, however, the base notes of CLOUD PINK were noticeably different to the original – the amber woods and musk felt more intensified, possibly thanks to the touch of magenta moss. Personally, I preferred the way it lingered on throughout the day even more than I did with the CLOUD (and that's saying a lot). In some ways, it seemed even warmer and cosier after a few hours of wear.


After only wearing it for a day, I was stopped twice while walking my dogs in my usual dog mom attire. When asked about how it smelled like, one of my neighbours described it as something similar to “when you walk past a bakery during winter and smell a mix of caramelised sugar, cinnamon and blueberry muffins,” which is oddly accurate. I didn't actually end up revealing that I was wearing CLOUD PINK, but out of my journalistic curiosity, I decided to let the people guess instead. Similar to what the case would be with the original CLOUD, I was met with a lot of guesses that included more premium fragrance names in the industry (if you know, you know).

Speaking of food comparisons, I myself would describe CLOUD PINK as a perfume that smells like a freshly baked upside-down pineapple cake, the kind that's still way too hot and gooey to dig into but you do it anyway. I found that the trail felt a bit more prominent compared to the original CLOUD and possibly even more long-lasting, which makes me think that it could be a great nighttime fragrance too. Similar to the original, CLOUD PINK makes me feel “put together", like someone who packs balanced meals to work, manages to stay on top of her emails and never forgets to take vitamin D and iron supplements on the daily.

Don't get me wrong, Ari really meant business when she called it a “sister scent", so don't expect it to be drastically different from the original CLOUD – because it isn't. But that's not to say that if you already own one, you probably don't need the PINK version. Case in point: personally, I prefer the CLOUD PINK to the original, simply because I'm someone who adores a warm and fruity sweet scent. Heck, I can even picture myself layering them both together on the days when I want a bit of a CLOUD pick-me-up.

When will Ariana Grande CLOUD PINK launch in the UK?

Ariana Grande CLOUD PINK is set to launch on September 6th and will be available both in-store and online at Boots, Superdrug, The Perfume Shop, The Fragrance Shop and John Lewis. So set your reminders now, because we predict that it will be yet another sell-out hit.

Ariana Grande Cloud Pink Eau De Parfum 100ml

The Final Verdict: CLOUD PINK perfume

Personally, I enjoyed the CLOUD PINK, possibly (dare I say) even more than the original CLOUD. Sure, they're undeniably similar and share some of the key notes that we all have come to love ever since the original CLOUD hit the shelves in 2018. Still, after wearing both of them separately throughout the past few days, I can confirm that the difference is much more noticeable after prolonged wear.

To me, CLOUD PINK seems like a fun and more of an extraverted sibling of the original CLOUD, and if you're after a fruity twist, then you'll absolutely love it. Don't expect a drastic change or a completely new perfume. But if there's one thing I know for sure is that anyone who swears by CLOUD will adore CLOUD PINK. Think about it in the same way as you would when you love a bag so much that you would buy it in another colour to match a different set of outfits depending on your mood.

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